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Developing A Brighter Future

At 49th Forward, as an Alaska Non Profit organization our mission is to create a sustainable future by promoting innovative solutions, empowering individuals and communities, and advocating for environmentally responsible decisions.

Together, we strive to inspire positive change and foster a world where people and the planet thrive.

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About 49th Forward

Our mission at 49th Forward is to promote and implement sustainable practices in energy, conservation, technology, environmental influence, consulting, and logistics to create a more sustainable future for all.


We believe in using innovative solutions to address complex challenges and empower individuals, communities, and entities to make environmentally responsible decisions. Through education, collaboration, and advocacy, we strive to inspire and incorporate positive change and create a world where people and the planet can thrive together.

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Explore the Ways We Empower and Support Change


Opportunities for Alaska's youth, empowering and incentivizing their educational pursuits.


Empowering Alaskans' voices through unbiased and credible polling platform.

Small Business Loans

Stimulating Alaska's businesses through accessible loans and expert guidance.


Empowering Alaska through grants, sustainability, renewable energy, and community support.


Supporting Alaska's development with engaging fundraising activities and community programs.

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Education is one of the greatest and most important aspects of all society and it is one of our highest priorities at 49th Forward. Our scholarship programs are available to all students statewide in the pursuance of providing the best options for the youth of Alaska to further and incentivise their education.

Cafe Owners

Small Business Loans

Our small business loan program is focused on stimulating economic growth for Alaska based businesses by providing reasonable financing when other institutions can't or won't.


We pride ourselves on lending support to all Alaskans who's aspirations and ambitions lead them to the path of entrepreneurship.


What separates us from other lenders is that our staff owns and operates multiple businesses throughout Alaska and bring an experienced process and view to the proper way of establishing a business that can flourish and benefit the state.


Our staff can lend coaching and consulting for business structuring, taxes, advertising, and more. It is our goal to help every interested Alaskan in shaping and forming their idea into the most profitable business possible.

Small Business Loans
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When donating to 49th Forward you know that you are supporting an organization that cares deeply about Alaska and holds the development of the villages, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and state as a whole, in the highest regards imaginable. 

 Our fundraising is done in the form of engaging community activities across the state, seminars and educational classed, raffles for items and opportunities, and so much more. 

We also apply for every available grant that applies to our mission statement to ensure the best chance of tax payers having assurance that their contribution is having the greatest benefit. 

 We have programs such as the Permanent Mutal Fund of Alaska (PMFA) That all Alaskan residents have the option to donate to while also being afforded a say in all ways that the fund Is invested in the form of member voting. This is more beneficial than the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividen in many ways. First of all, every single person who contributes get an equal say in all investment decisions of the funds instead of a small office of individuals. Second the payouts are guaranteed for each member and are not subject to fluctuation based on political environments, its your money, your investment, and your say. It's that simple! 

However the fund will take time to build to be comparable to the (PFD) through fundraising and investing we know we will get it to that level and even surpass it because it's 100% owned by Alaskans and only for the benefit of Alaskans, no large companies. 

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We can all agree that every human deserves and is afforded the right to an opinion and belief in Alaska and the United States.


At 49th Forward, we value that more than most. Our POLLS section is focused on providing every Alaskan with a reliable, unbiased, and credible 3rd party avenue that allows all residents to lend their voice and opinion on important topics, issues, and legislation that is current topic of focus and discussion in Alaska and even in the country as a whole.


We believe that options freedom and we want to provide an open, honest, transparent, and unbiased forum for people to vote outside of the official state or federal government. We value what every Alaskan has to say and we will advocate to other organizations and entities to consider and apply information and data derived from our polls. We want your voice to be heard and heard well!

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We live by our mission statement at 49th Forward. Most of our funding is focused on our grants, scholarships, and business loans in order to establish Alaska as a leader in renewable energy manufacturing and exportation, but before any of that we are diligently working on providing sustainability to all communities within Alaska in the form of renewable energy implementation as well as  sustainable agriculture and food production. 

 We live and breath all things Alaska. Here at 49th Forward we know the real issues that impact Alaskans whether internal or external. There are many groups and communites within Alaska that have little resources and support, and even less support in recent days, even though we have some of the greatest natural resource capability in the world. We will bring support, technology, and industry to these communities so they can maintain their way of living while preserving their heritage and thriving as a community. 


Our Values

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The faces behind the movement

Meet the Founders


Peter Peel

Peter is a Co-Founder and President of 49TH Forward, promoting progress and positive change in Alaska.


With a background in Mechanical Engineering, he focuses on the Control System/Automation industry and sustainable low impact property development.


Peter is a dedicated community advocate and leader, known for his commitment to sustainability.


Brenden Winters

Brenden is a Fourth generation Alaskan and also Co-Founder and Secretary of 49th Forward, while also being the SecretRy for the organization.


Brenden has studied in the medical field, specifically neuroscience, psychology and sociology, and has progressed in tourism, business, and customer service management altogether and has made a promise to personally develop any industry that will benefit within Alaska in any way possible.


Nano Brooks

Nathaniel Brooks, better known as Nano, is a born and raised Juneauite. He graduated JDHS at the age of 16, attended Wyotech 2011-2012, and later enrolled in and completed programs for mechanical trades at AVTEC. His diverse work experience in the community has covered many fields. The last 8 years have been spent in the plumbing and HVAC field, with a focus on heat pump installations.

With a strong work ethic, vast work experience, and a technical mind, Nano has designed and invented multiple renewable energy generators and is patent pending for 3 devices. His passion for economic development and sustainability does not end there. He is also the owner of Hi-Fi Senpai LLC, Wash Dash Or Button Mash LLC, Alaska Property Management, Alaska Mini Golf, Alaska Hydro Power, and is the co-founder of the non-profit 49th Forward. He has a passion for helping others and problem solving.

Pave the Way for Sustainability

Donate today to Drive Sustainable Change

Your support fuels our mission to create a sustainable future for Alaska. By making a donation to 49th Forward, you play a vital role in advancing renewable energy development, conservation efforts, and community empowerment throughout the state.


Every contribution, no matter the size, directly impacts the lives of Alaskans and helps us pioneer a brighter and more sustainable future. Join us in shaping a thriving Alaska by making a donation today. Together, we can make a lasting difference for generations to come.

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Reach out to us for inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or any questions you may have.


Our dedicated team is ready to assist and engage with you on our collective journey towards a sustainable Alaska.


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